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For patients

I can't find a doctor that I've visited. How can I add a doctor profile?

To add doctor profile as a patient please use this form. We will review and post the submitted data in no time.

I want to leave a review. Is my information secure?

Yes! Reviews are secure and anonimous. We do not share your data with doctrs or any other third-parties.

For health specialists

How to add a doctor profile as a medical professional?

If you are a doctor or a hospital administrator, please follow these steps to add a doctor profile:

  1.  Register as a doctor and fill in your profile details.
  2. Click on the “Add Doctor Profile” menu on the left sidebar and fill in:
    1. Doctor’ full name.
    2. Speciality.
    3. Work address.
    4. Photos and medical certificates.
    5. Experience, education and other details.
    6. Contact details.
    7. Services and pricing.
    8. Booking availability.
  3. Click on “Preview” and “Submit doctor profile”.

We will verify your details and will post your submitted profile within 3 business days.

Can I add multiple doctor profiles?

Yes. If you are a hospital administrator you can add and manage multiple doctor profiles. However, you will be asked to verify ech one of them separately.


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